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Branding Mistakes to Avoid is an easy-to-read guide of the top #5 common branding mistakes and how to overcome them so that you can get on the right track to success right away!

Megan Molix - Public Relations Strategist

Welcome! I am Megan Molix and I’m Here to help you Maximize Your Potential!


You deserve Excellence! It’s really that simple.

I’m Megan Molix, a Brand Manager who works with Entrepreneurs, Ministry Leaders, and Public Figures to Maximize Their Potential through Brand Strategy!

Megan helps leaders articulate and maximize their brand potential. What is my Brand Blueprint for Success? I identify the vision, purpose, and values to build a thoughtfully designed brand that helps leaders successfully communicate and grow.


Helping Visionaries tell their best story!

You need a Brand Manager, who works with brands and businesses to help them get out their best stories in the most authentic way possible.

I help my clients grow as businesses and individuals because all things considered I have the ability to make you look good!

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My Brand Development Course will launch soon, and I’m sure it will help you:

  • Clearly define your brand
  • Become confident in your brand
  • Align your brand with your purpose.

It’s my job to help you craft your message and brand story based on your skills and purpose!

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Public Relations

Make sure your brand and reputation are managed in order to receive favorable outcomes with your audience

Business Development

Develop and implement strategies for growing your organization by improving processes especially operational.

Brand Identity

Improve all visible brand elements specifically your website, marketing materials, and graphics

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