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More than a marketing company, a Family legacy 

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About Molix & Company

We are a management consulting firm that brings our clients the right information, insights, and tools to make positive changes. We solve problems that are hindering the growth within their organization.  Holding true to our values, our clients trust us to bring their goals to reality. Our aim is to provide the insight and tools necessary to be an honorable support system for your organization. 

We strive to serve our clients with integrity and excellence with the intention of holding fast to the mission and vision of the founder. It is our goal to use our expertise and align it with their passion to work cohesively. We want to help our clients create a positive impact using our creative methods.

About Molix
About Molix

Our Mission

To provide businesses and individuals with the insight, tools, products, and guidance needed to look great, be the best, and build businesses that are honorable.

Our Vision

To align your direction with your destiny

Our Purpose

To help unlock the pursuit of purpose in every client

The 5 Pillars of Excellence

  • Respect

    We believe that respect is one of the greatest attributes of excellence. Respect is the evidence that we understand the value of our clients and their projects.

  • Integrity

    We believe integrity to be an attribute to excellence because the character that you display at all times must be unified and upright

  • Kind

    We believe that in order for excellence to have longevity, you must be kind to all people no matter their status or background.

  • Just

    We believe that the attribute of being just is an important quality of excellence because in order to excel we must be led by truth, fairness, and the quality of being in the right standing.

  • Trustworthy

    The most important attribute of excellence is to be trustworthy. We believe this to be because it is trust that allows our clients to submit to our processes and it is trust that we seek to build between our client and their audience.

Our Foundation

We are able to stay true to our clients if we stay true to ourselves, our beliefs, and the integrity we uphold. Using the same image and character of God as our inspiration, we strive to create the same image and character in our clients and the quality of work we do.

"The choices you make help shape the nature of your character that is perceived by other people"

Megan Molix , CEO of Molix & Company

"The health of any organization can be found in the numbers... Numbers do not lie."

Sheryl Blyden , CFO of Molix & Company

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