Public Relations

“Helping Brands so Business in an Excellence Manner”

What is PR?

Public Relations is favorable and strategic Reputation Management and communication that is influenced between you and your audience.

Who needs PR?

PR Strategy services are needed for organizations, companies, and influential individuals.


Why is PR important?

PR Strategy is critical for public image and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with your audience.

Our Top PR Functions

Content Creation


Social Media


Brand Journalism


Corporate Communications

Crisis Communications

Executive Communications

Internal Communications

Investor Relations Communications

Marketing Communications

Media Relations

Reputation Management

Appointed PR Official 

Public forums

Press Release Writing 

What's the difference?

Public Relations                     Advertising                       Marketing

PR is a method of promotion that falls under Marketing. PR is geared towards reputation and image management. Your PR Consultant would act as a representative in public when you need to give a statement or comment.

Advertising is a method of promotion that falls under Marketing. Advertising involves the creative side which includes concepts, words, and artwork. Advertising is done through the internet, radio, television, print, and other techniques. 

Marketing is the overall process of boosting public awareness of a product, person, or service. 

A Strategic Future

Plan. Organize. Execute with Excellence.


 You can trust us to develop the best solution for engaging and influencing your audience. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, so we’ll create one that suits your brand, your voice, and your budget.  


Following the creation of your custom plan, we move on to the strategy phase. As a part of this phase, we organize every detail, train your staff or other team members, provide advice to your management, and conduct all the research necessary for your PR campaign. 

Execute with Excellence

Finally, we execute your PR campaign. We implement the strategies we developed and oversee the campaign using a variety of methods. We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments so that your favorable image is conveyed.

megan molix publicist

About Us

I am Megan and I am a Public Relations Strategist. This means that I help clients to strengthen and manage their public image so that they can build positive relationships with their audiences. In other words, my goal is to make sure you look great in every way!   

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