It is with great pleasure that I share my experience with Megan.  In 2020 I had a journal that I knew should be turned into a book.  I had NO clue what to do so I reach out to Megan for help, really for the book cover.  What I received from her far exceeded my expectations, she was there to walk me through the whole process to the end with her professional mentoring, she was there until the book was published through Amazon and released! I can only offer the highest level of Complements in regards to her work because she is so worthy of them !!! Megan far exceeded my expectations, she is loyal, trustworthy, pays attention to detail and she kept me in order abs made it so much easier for me to publish the book without me having the knowledge because she knew!!!
Thanks again Megan for a job well done, second book is coming I promise.
- DeWanda Gill

Author, The Faith Process

Such an amazing and professional experience I had with Megan. The quality of her work is second to none and I’m pleased to have done business with her. I look forward to future business opportunities with her company… 
Wayne Ward

CEO, True Virtual Image