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  How do the consult calls differ?

Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your needs during our first consultation call. We will review all of the information in your intake form and decide what to do next.

Strategy Call

 During this call, I’ll share a detailed, and specific strategy you need to follow in order to reach your goal.  

Accountability Call

This is a group of four calls. Each call lasts only 15 minutes and is held to check in on your progress following the Strategy Call.

Frequently Asked Questions

I just have a quick question! Do I still have to book a consultation?

Yes and I am honored that we’re connected because I know exactly what to do to help. I want to put dedicated time on my calendar to give you focused attention. I call it a Discovery Call, it’s 30 minutes set aside so you can share with me exactly what you have in mind- I’ll have time to ask you questions to make sure I 100% understand your end goal and then from there on the call I can provide immediate answers and if needed we can figure out the best next steps.

Will the fee from the Discovery Call be added to the fee of the Strategy call or any other service?

 What a great question! I know budgeting is important and saving money is necessary. I will apply the discovery call fee to the balance if you decide to use my services and book the same day as the discovery call. In all other cases, the fees remain the same.

How do i know if i need a strategy call?

During our discovery call, we will walk through your next steps. Once I evaluate your needs, you can decide if you would like a strategy call where we go over the research conducted and ultimately you do all the work or if you would like to utilize my company and its services to fulfill your needs

Can I just "Pick Your Brain"?

Sure! I would love to have a brainstorming session with you! The first step is to book a discovery call so I can review your goals and give you the best advice.

Do you offer other services?

Yes! I do offer other services other than consultations. I provide business management, public relations, and brand visual creation. 

Can you help with PR Strategy?

Yes! After we complete our discovery call, I will have a better understanding of your brand and the best PR Function you will need. 

Do I need to book a consultation for any of the design services?

That is a great question!  Yes, all services must start with a discovery call and the fee will go towards your final cost.